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Estabished in 1937, guilin Qifeng Paper Co., Ltd(Guilin Paper Mill) is one of the leading manufactures and exporters specializing in Special and High Grade Tissue Paper, The mill covers 220,000 square meters . There are Sixteen production lines with advanced equipment lastest technology and the complete set of testing facilities. The annual output is about 80,000 tons
We are able to supplly high quality of white and colored 100% wood pulp tissue papers(sheet and roll) ., the basis weight is from 14 GSM to 50 GSM.
There are more than sixteen items of products, such as White and colored MG Tissue, MF Tissue, Glassine Paper, Printed Gift Wrapping Tissue, Food Packing Paper, Watermark Wrapping Tissue, Battery Tissue, Fruit Cover Paper, Firecracker Tissue Paper, Ctc, IN recent years, we have developed other special packing papers in light basis weight. These products have been exported to America, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao and china mainland.
”Quality Firsts, Reputation Firsts”. Sincerely welcome wordwide distributors to jion us.

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We provide large rolls of quality gift wrap tissue wrapping paper for Christmas, baby, birthday, recycled, wedding and other giftwrap wrapping paper needs. Our products include: MG acid free tissue paper, MF acid free tissue paper, coloured tissue paper, die-cut tissue paper, sequin tissue paper, glassine paper, fruit cover paper, kraft paper. etc.

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